I, for one, really welcome our alien overlords

The human being has this annoying thing about trying to humanify everything. I have to admit that it makes it pretty easy to understand if it looks human. Or has human like characteristics. It, bloody hell, does not justify the abuse of the practice!

For, whatever deity's sake, aren't we Humans!? Aren't we the dominant specie on this Earth!? Aren't we intelligent!?

Well, for the most of us, it looks quite the opposite. We still are very, very afraid of the unknown. If we relate that with the common known fact that some adults are still afraid of the dark, we're back into the animal kingdom accepted phobias, all over again. This has been good when we had flesh eating enemies. That is, however, not the case any more.

Us Humans have to realize that we have to perceive our animal behaviours, keep them on board, but rationalize them into a place it doesn't make us such a bunch of hypocrites.

I have to admit that feelings and art are quite good for the soul, and it testifies for our Humanity. What I don't condone is the fact that we give that as an excuse to do all sort of animal behaviour, just because the other Human does it.

Also, all this hypocrisy, should not be, at all, accepted in some areas of the society.

First area, Politics. Human Nature does not comply with the values needed to make any type of Earth leadership work. There's always one of the many human defects that lingers into the judgement of the person that has the power. I think we should be ruled by robots, but more on that later.

Second area, Science. It's pretty amazing that Science as evolved so much with these Humans doing it! Little, and BIG, power struggles have been going around for so long that one wonders if Science is still what it started off to be. It should be the one only thing that has to be, completely and unequivocally, absent of Human Nature. None the less, it's quite the opposite. All of the principles that have been tried to maintain it - science - scientific have failed. Professors, or generally perceived Erudites, hold the truth about science. What ever new or disagreeing theory is treated with such Human Passion that it's ridiculous.

Humans should not be allowed to man Politics, Science or any other area of Society that takes care of Humans!

Now the BIG Problem here, is that we are unable to not humanize any of our feats.

One good idea would be to be ruled by, and have scientists be, robots. But this idea is still flawed, since it would be Humans that would have to program these robots, and Humanity would taint this programming. Not having enough of the good parts of Humanity, would also be harmful. It would be too harsh for Humans to live comfortably.

So while it would be great to have the good principals, always upheld by one of those robots, with out any fallibility or exception, it would be a nightmare if enough flexibility was not designed into the system. But again, this would be to a human to decide, and I've already talked about us doing decisions...

Looks like the only way we have a shot at this being done right, even, fair and just to all Humanity is to outsource it from outside. It would be a Human Rights person, wet dream, if we could have all parts of Society that affect Humanity as a whole, taken care by someone with all the keyword, cliché, and over-abused words/concepts in place and not deviate from them, or the best interpretation of it, rule us all.

This would be some other thing - Yes, thing - with none of the human flaws and all of our, present and future, qualities. And I have to call it thing, or else, the ones of us that are humans will try and humanize it and foil it all.

Until then, when the Thing, comes 'round, we will have to manage all the {insert very bad adjective} humans that occupy all the key positions in our Society.

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  1. We are, for better or worse, stuck with ourselves. Like any good intelligence test, failure to live up to the steps involved will remain - through eternity, for sentient beings. The thing about the test we are on, though, is that we were given a beautiful, subtle, life-filled, and pure maze to run through.
    So far - only part way through - we have managed to make it a poisonous, filthy, contaminated planet with our fellow creatures dieing off at a rate that will leave everything else here, in the maze, dead - and ourselves looking around, puzzled at where everything went...
    We are curious, gloriously creative, sensitive sensing instruments. We are hateful, raging bullies looking only for the next thing to kill. We are co-operative, loving and empathic beings, capable of love beyond understanding - and we stand, always, with one foot one one side of the gaping chasm below, and the other foot stretched too far to move either way. No robot, no science, no God or gods, no philosophical pedantry, and no one and nothing from the "outside" will, can, or should help us out of the predicament we have put ourselves - and an entire planet FULL of life, we have put ourselves in.
    I feel most sorry for the 99.99999999999% of all the species who share this world with us - and have no say in the matter - no choice in whether they, (the ones that are left after our blind, writhing, bludgeoning, self-evoked spasms of mass murder and genocide) their offspring, their environment, or the atmosphere they depend upon to live, will exist tomorrow.
    It is not a burden of responsibility that rests upon our shoulders: it is a blanket of shame.