The louder you lie, the more truthful it becomes...

In my native country, Portugal we have a saying: In a blind's nation, the one eyed man is King.

Now, that, is the more accepted version of such an ideal. The one that can see is made the most important in a nation of sight impaired. None the less there is another, twisted, version of this saying that goes: In a blind's nation, the one eyed man is incarcerated... he's just too different.

This last interpretation is more likely to be true in terms of the way, us humans, think. When ever someone is different, that person is most of the times shun away from the other more "normal". Well, whatever is "normal" in that group anyway.

You can argue that all, if not most, of our heroes were different. Yeap, that has loads of truth to it, but I'll bet a limb that just before they were considered heroes, someone would've called that hero a fool, or something even worse. So it's the outcome of some foolish, or less "normal", way of acting, having a good outcome, that defines a hero. Hummm, quite the contradiction here.

Imagine someone from another planet - since from another country or nation they would still be humans - takes a look at all these ways of thinking. They would probably recognise the contradictions immediately and just get really confused about how did we even get out of the oceans in terms of evolution. Unless someone gives them the title of this rant and explains it to them.

Yes, the title of this rant is a bit harsh, but considering some of the Wikileaks provoked stirs, this stands truer and truer every time an "official" person stages up a news presentation.

Along the many years we have evolved as a civilization, we have tried to find the best way to appease the most with many kinds of government philosophies.

We have tried tribal chief - this was good for small groups.

We have tried King/Queen - This seams to still be used, even if they are only useful to parade off the "nobility" of a nation, no power at all.

We have tried Democracy, the Greek Style - Not sure what killed it yet (Yes I do but more on this later).

We have tried Communism - Pretty sound on paper. Dunno what happened to demise it (Well, yes I do, it's still related to something further down).

We have tried Pharaos/Humans as Gods/Totalitarism - Well, no one likes when the guy at the helm behaves like a human when he speaks of being a God....

We have settled in something that we call modern Democracy. The power of the people decides who will take the decisions. Now this is still very good on paper.

None of the ruling philosophies will ever, ever, EVER, work. And there is a simple explanation to it. Yes, quite simple, not one that is full of abstract concepts but one that is the truth. And I'm writhing this in a very low and controlled "voice", this way I will not disturb the wrath of my rant's title.

This truth is one that we all would like to conceal: We are humans, and humans, since conception, have the lust for power. Nothing to be ashamed about. I'd even bet that it's been ingrained into our DNA as a means of making the species progress.

If an element of any species seeks power, he has to prove to be the best. I don't mean the best at juggling bean bags, but the one Nature has thrown many challenges and survived. Yes, this one will be selected as the most fit to procreate and perpetuate the winning genes. This also makes sense, Nature sense, if the descendent of this "leader" would take leadership. He has some version of his dad's winning streak.

This all makes perfect sense if you don't use the abstract as a wrench in the cogs. Civilisation has evolved from what I've said earlier to what we are experiencing now.

We have had, along the years, many versions of the "Son becomes ruler after Father has killed all opposition". Many of them quite overt, some of them a bit more covert and even the ones that we are not sure if it's overt, covert or just plain natural occurring events.

We are now in a situation where we have so many abstractions on top of abstractions, nonsense on top of nonsense and half truths on top of crude lies, that a Sophist would make fortunes once more just by what they were good at in the Greek times: Bend your mind, so twisted, that you would agree with him on diametrically opposite takes of a subject.

Unfortunately, the art of the Sophists is not lost. Once it was a matter of entertainment. Now, it's a way of mass deception, or like some like to call it: Government.

The human being as not changed in the many millennia that he has been on this Earth. The human being is still quite attached to the survival of the Species, but there is a catch: Nature no more takes part of the selection. Other humans do that for "her".

This makes for the situation we are in now. If we believe in the Modern Democracy, we will elect a human being, he will come to power and he will ultimately be the puppet of who really has the power. And, Yes, I'm not shroud enough to have the answer to that question: "So who has the power?"

But ultimately, what rules us all, is our human nature. We were quite fine when Nature still dictated the rules of election. Now that humans have replaced Nature on this role, all is fundamentally wrong.

Nature is neither kind, nor lawful. Those are Human characteristics. But, Nature, has been able to make most advanced scientific breakthroughs. Was able to get a very intelligent species out of the primordial ooze and make it the top of the food chain. Now that it has been replaced, in it's role, by Humans, Nature cannot do much in terms of fine tuning. Humans are doing it, and they are doing a very bad job.

This leaves a power seeking, individualist, selfish, one headed monster with a HUMONGOUS body. Little head, big brawl... Well we all know where that goes.

Many a Humans have realized that we need to have another big step away from the primordial ooze. Those Humans are quite a minority. In our Modern Democracy, the loudest you speak, the better you are heard. Small voices account for nothing, even if all this abstraction we call politically correct is taken into consideration.

So what's all this fuss about this Wikileaks thing, then? Pretty easy! The many bullies have been called in their bad ways and they're not happy. But we don't have an "Adult" to mediate things, since the bully is a group of power seeking "Adults", that have lied their way into the leadership.

So it's a shower of abstract ideas tossed around to see which one gathers more supporters in order to perpetuate the pile of lies. Perpetuate, hide them and ultimately bread them into some more lies. As long as the rest of the specie is tamed and under control, all is fair.

Now my chest is a bit better. Thank you for reading, if you were patient enough to read this far.

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