Science versus Religion

Science and Religion have come a long way since the dark ages and Alchemy.

But to both I present some challenges in order to get it straight:

To Religion:
- Without invoking faith or belief, try to come up with a proof of God.

To Science:
- What causes gravity; What causes magnetism; What causes energy transfer.

While both of these very important fields of knowledge get those challenges right, we all ask of you to do it in a humble way, just like we all live all lives and don't pester one another with provocative attitudes.

I, myself, am in favor of science. But the amassed knowledge of science is still in its early infancy, so a humbling call is really needed for the science persons who think otherwise.

I was brought up in a religious manner but then got through all the dogmatic smoke screen and saw nothing in terms of content. I still think that religion has a place in the world, but in terms of teaching the common ways of being a good person, not the all encompassing and universal glue to all that exists.

So to both I say again, get your challenges sorted out and while you're at it, be humble and don't try and find high horses to climb on. We mere mortals live life like that but we still attain grandeur.