CEO Companion Application

So I've been playing this little game: The Settlers Online - Castle Empire

It's a game of patience and it won't appeal to all the strategy genre lovers, but it's a dream come through to me. I've been hooked on the "The Settlers" saga for quite a long time, ever since I've had a go at the very first one, in the 90's. So when I stumbled upon this on the Chrome App Shop, I couldn't resist!!

But just playing the game wasn't enough. I had to give something back, to both the people that made the game and the ones that have the same love for it as me. So I decided to create a companion application with some content and the ever useful calculators for the various in-game strategies.

So "CEO Companion" was born!

The application is open source and is still in the early development stage.

You can find,
  • the project page: here.
  • the download page: here.
  • the bug report page: here.

Give it a go and tell me what you think on the comments below.



'Twas my birthday yesterday...

So, it was my birthday yesterday... No biggy... Well, apart from the Smashingly Delish cake my wife made:

Delish cake by my baking wonder of a wife!!

Well, got that out of my chest :)