Game Programming, The Journey: Part 1

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When ever I've started a new endeavour I always do some heavy research.

If only for future reference, I'll leave some links to Wikis, Tutorials and other important stuff regarding game programming.

For beginners and up:

Since I'm mostly interested in RTS/Simulation type of games, here are some more specific to the subject:

More specifically for Real Time Strategy:

(I will be updating both these lists as I progress on my reading.)

Feelings after some reading

Coming from a database centric type of programming, once you begin to look at the vast field that is "Game Programming", you can feel pretty overwhelmed!

The subjects are from all the ranges of the Computer Science subjects and you even add some nice two/three dimensional math!

My past track on research for a new thing to do, has to be put aside and rethought. "One cannot simply enter the realm of Game Programming!", as someone would say. It's something that you have to take in with the understanding that it's going to require more than a few week-ends of reading and prototyping to get any good at.

So, in my case, this is going to be a slow rise of knowledge with loads of reading involved. Coding will have to be postponed to a time when I'll feel comfortable enough with the terminology, concepts and lingo, to finally begin to drop some code.


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