Of numerology, patterns, sequences and life.

Numerology had it right, life's all about numbers. What it got wrong is that one to two digit numbers have no meaning. It's all about big data. And you have to crack the patterns or numbers. 
Human brains can grasp/memorize up to 7 numbers. More with some practice, but that's it, it's memory, not associations. For associations, patterns and "big picture" you need more brain power. Easy for autism, real hard for Joe Shmoe, you and me.

People see numerology and patterns as something that will predict a fixed end. Fate, some would call it. The power is not in the fixed numbers, the power is in the equation you can extrapolate from those patterns. An equation has variables, and when you input those variables you get an output dependent on those variables. This means that change is in the system already. You can influence these variables and get different outcomes. Nothing is written in the stars, nothing is written in stone. That's just wishful thinking. If you want, the equations are the written words, etc... But the outcomes are for us to influence, knowingly or unknowingly.

The pursuit of one single something: formula, number, you name it; has been more than proved to be a futile attempt at grasping the whole, with our puny little mind. There is no sequence, equation or whatever you want to call it, that can single handedly govern all things, and, influence, or predetermine intelligent life or it's behaviour.

Be it in whatever level we humans consider intelligent. We, humans, are very intelligent, but that is only one mark on the scale of the entirety of intelligence. There is intelligence below us and above us. And I would even doubt that the scale is bi-dimensional, because sideways is not out of the question. And are we not so blinded by the fact that we perceive our intelligence is above all other living things in this Earth, that we forget to readjust the scale or even try and find other ways of measurement.

On measurement: Do we even agree on how to measure intelligence? I.Q. tests have been the norm, but they are flaky if used across different cultural sections, geographical sections, or even at different decades in time. E.Q. has been the new kid on the block, but I haven't heard much about it, recently. So how are we on measuring intelligence? Beats me, cuz not even the scientists have a firm grasp of it.

We are finally coming out of the dark ages on what we perceive is the human mind. We still have a long way to crawl until the Industrial Revolution, because, that's when Human Kind finally got up to speed on technology. Now... since Moore's Law says technology will double every 6 months, or so, will technology finally be the tidal wave that brings it to the beach? Hope so, because it's all in the big data.

Big data!... the catch phrase of today's tech society. But we've had the savants, the human number crunchers laying around for a while. Shamefully for us, we wanted to study what made them different so we could bring them to "normality", whatever that really means?!?!? We have never tried to understand how they see our boring world through their eyes. Now THAT would be science! Not bringing them into our "normal world"!! That's just our stupid human pride dictating an expected outcome. The relative comfort in what we know.

We fear change. Change is something that's been, firmly, connected to danger and is very embedded into our minds, or even DNA (The experts are still deciding on this one). The only change that's been welcome to us all, is the change that comes with the acquisition of power. We've had one single line on that pursuit, the visible one, and that is money. The more, the better, because there's always power associated with mucho dinero!!

But the one that has always been in the background, is now coming to the light. And that one is the pursuit of information. Some may put the word "knowledge" where I've used "information". I consider them to be opposite ideals, not words... but ideals.

"Knowledge" is for the good of the many, and "information" is for the good of one, or the few. In "information" you can find power. Wayyyyyy more power than in money alone. With "information" you get power, money, more power, more information, more money... well, you can spot the pattern here.

With "knowledge" you have to choose what to do next: choose wisely, and it's for the good of many; choose poorly and you're stuck in the vicious cycle of "information" all over again. That's why "knowledge" has to be protected. But to protect it, you cannot hide it. That gets us back to "information". You have to hide it in plain sight. Put it where everyone, and anyone, can reach it, use it, mould it and mainly, ADD to it.

And that, my friend, is how the world turns. It's all about the choices. Those are the different values you put on those little boxes we call variables. Those boxes are fitted on the equations. Those equations spit out the entirety of the entirety.